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data logger

Multifunction Extended Life (MEL) Data Logger

The MEL data logger is designed to collect precise time stamped data for extended periods. It is available with a 3-axis 16g accelerometer logger (MEL-x16), a 3-axis 2g accelerometer (MEL-x2), or a high precision barometric pressure logger (MEL-b). The electronics are packaged in a watertight enclosure with a pressure equalization port. Two D-cell batteries power the system for 60 days continuously and data is save to an 8GB microSD memory card. Data files are accessible via USB connectivity or by removing and accessing the microSD card directly (card reader not included).

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  • Compact size 4"x6"x2" weighs 1-lb (100mm-150mm-50mm, 500g)
  • Tough weatherproof case
  • Onboard 8GB microSD memory card records 60 days of data at 25Hz
  • 2 D-cell (ANSI 13A, IEC LR20) batteries operate the system for 60 days
  • Unique serial number hard coded into unit and saved into each data file
  • Push button switch to start and stop data recording
  • Easily readable comma separated text data files
  • Accurate (50 PPM) time stamped data using Real Time Clock (RTC)
  • Data transfer compatible with Windows/Linux/Mac via USB interface (no special software required)
  • 3-axis 16g Accelerometer configuration: MEL-x16
  • 3-axis 2g Accelerometer configuration: MEL-x2
  • Barometric pressure configuration: MEL-b

For more details, specifications, and how to use the MEL, please refer to the user manual (.pdf). The user manual includes an example data file and instructions for converting the data and time stamps.

The MEL logger is configured using a simple text file called config.txt located on the microSD card. Below is an example config.txt file used for the MEL-x16:

        ; set to 25Hz
        samplerate = 25
        ; trigger at 0.1g
        deadband = 205
        ; record 5 seconds of data 
        dwell = 125
        ;force a write every hour
        deadbandtimeout = 3600
        ; set file length
        samplesperfile = 30000
        ; LEDs on
        statusindicators = normal

Data is stored to simple text formatted .csv type files, which are easily imported into any spreadsheet or analysis software (Matlab, Octave, R, etc). Below is a example data file from the MEL-x16:

        ;Title,, x16-1d, ADXL345
        ;Version, 1110, Build date, Dec 30 2015,  SN:CCDC4016131F31B
        ;Start_time, 2016-01-04, 10:25:14.000
        ;Temperature, -999.00, deg C,  Vbat, 1444, mv
        ;SampleRate, 100,Hz
        ;Deadband, 0, counts
        ;DeadbandTimeout, 0,sec
        ;Headers, time,Ax,Ay,Az
  • Over seas and long term freight monitoring
  • Monitoring weather coniditions and events