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data logger
Old GCDC Data Loggers

We decided to permanently discontinue the X2-5, X16-5, X200-5, X16-1E and B1100 products. Supply chain issues of 2022 and the obsolescence of critical semiconductor components made it difficult to restart these products. We needed to completely redesign the loggers. Instead, we decided to focus our attention towards new product ideas, such as the IMU and GPS features. Please consider the HAM logger as a replacement to the X16-1E, X16-5, X200-5, and B1100. The HAM product line can be fitted with a 16g sensor (HAM-x16), a 200g (HAM-x200), or with an additional barometric pressure sensor (HAM-x16+alt, HAM-x200+alt). Contact for further information regarding our products and services.