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data logger

Please note that the X2-5, X16-5, X200-5, X16-1E and B1100 products are not in stock at this time. GCDC can not produce these products due to the supply chain issues of 2022 and the obsolescence of critical semiconductor components. We are in the process of redesigning this product family to use new and improved components. Contact for updated status of our product development efforts. In the meantime, please check our other products, such as the HAM logger, or the MEL logger, or the new IMU-GPS logger.

Barometric Pressure USB Data Logger B1100-2

The B1100-2 uses a high precision digital sensor that makes the B1100-2 suitable for altitude measurements, vertical velocity indication, and weather monitoring. Data is recorded at a user selectable rate ranging between 20 Hz to one sample per hour. The B1100-2 can be programmed to start and stop at specific times each day. When connected via the USB to a personal computer, the B1100-2 appears as a standard mass storage device containing the comma delimited data files and user setup files. The commercial standard "AA" battery provides extended life operation suitable to long term data acquisition applications.

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  • Low cost, compact design
  • 30000 - 110,000 Pascal pressure range (+/-250 Pa max.)
  • User defined sample rate of 20Hz to once per hour
  • Programmable start and stop time
  • Accurate (50 PPM) time stamped data using Real Time Clock (RTC)
  • Records temperature at user selectable intervals
  • Data recorded to a removable microSD card (8GB included)
  • Easily readable comma separated text data files
  • System appears as USB Mass Storage Device to Windows, Mac, and Linux OS's, so the transfer of data files, system configuration, or clock initialization requires no special software.
  • Standard replaceable 'AA' type battery provides over 21 days of operation. Extended data logging capability using an external 5v USB power source

For more details, specifications, and how to use the B1100-2, please refer to the user manual (.pdf). The user manual includes an example data file and instructions for converting the data and time stamps.

The B1100-2 logger is configured using a simple text file called config.txt located on the microSD card. Below is an example:

        ;Example B1100-2 config file
        ;set sample rate
        sampleperiod = 500
        ;set file size to 60 minutes of data
        samplesperfile = 7200
        ;sample temp every 4tth pressure sample
        ;or every 2 seconds
        ;set status indicator brightness
        statusindicators = high
        ;start when disconnected from PC
        ;see B1100-2 user manual for other config options

Data is stored to simple text formatted .csv type files, which are easily imported into any spreadsheet or analysis software (Matlab, Octave, R, etc). Below is a example data file:

        ;Title,, B1100-2, BMP085
        ;Version, 995, Build date, Dec 26 2014,  SN:CCDC311013110E0
        ;Start_time, 2017-08-16, 17:14:06.000
        ;Temperature, 25.96, deg C,  Vbat, 1544, mv
        ;SamplePeriod, 500,msec
        ;Deadband, 0, counts
        ;DeadbandTimeout, 0,sec